The Shepherd’s Betrayal

by William Congdon

How could Jason McClintock (world renowned geologist) have known that a phone call to his brother, Mike, recently retired FBI, could cause such extraordinary life changing events?

Jason had been asked by Dan Nelson, a long-time friend, working for the State Department (and CIA undercover), to assist in making the San Miguel gold mine in Uruguay operational. Jason would be working with a firm out of Brazil, IMDEC (International Mining Development and Exploration Corp.) and the CEO, Maria de La Cruz. IMDEC was a CIA shell company.

After first meeting, Jason asked many questions of Maria, regarding her mining experience, since Jason had never heard of the company. Her answers were vague, at best, which prompted a call to his brother, Mike. Jason asked Mike to use his resources and obtain background information on de La Cruz and IMDEC. The call was recorded and the substance communicated to an office at CIA headquarters in Langley, VA.

Vladimir Petronovich was contacted by Andrew Richmond (code name Shepherd). He was given instructions to terminate Mike McClintock and, if need be, his family. The last thing Richmond wanted was FBI involvement in bringing light to his “rogue” operation.

He had been selling highly classified documents to the Russians. Petronovich traveled to McClintock’s home in California, to complete the job. He couldn’t eliminate an entire family, so he kidnapped them and headed north to the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

After multiple failed attempts to reach Petronovich, the Shepherd, fearing the assassin had turned, called on additional resources to hunt him and the McClintock’s down. Realizing his operations exposure, the Shepherd begins to cover his tracks, leaving a string of deaths. Petronovich knew that he and the McClintock’s were targets for highly trained killers.

Their only hope of survival was to team up, expose, and kill the Shepherd. The hunted become the hunters, as the chase for the Shepherd begins in the Lake Tahoe area, continues across the Atlantic, to Zurich, Switzerland and ends in Montevideo, Uruguay, where it all began.