Modern Contemporary Spy Thriller Novels 2018


One of the best new spy novels for 2017 and 2018 is The Shepherd’s Betrayal by William Congdon. In this action/adventure novel, the reader is immersed in a thriller that compels them to turn page after page, following the McClintock family as they are forced to confront a ruthless and lethal killer. The puppet master, trained by the CIA and code named Shepherd, coordinates a web of killers as they pursue, with the intent to terminate a family you come to know and love. The story begins in the wine country of Santa Barbara County, in the Santa Ynez Valley. Forced to flee for their safety, the journey follows the McClintock’s high into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is here that the hunted become the hunters. Jason McClintock, his brother Mike and an unforeseen ally join forces to eliminate the threats and ultimately expose and destroy the Shepherd. The chase takes the reader from the California mountains, to the pristine financial district of Zurich, Switzerland and onto the bustling sidewalks of Montevideo, Uruguay. This novel is a contemporary spy thriller that once you begin will be difficult to put down.

The McClintock adventures continue with the second book in the series, Flight to Armageddon. The McClintock brother’s, Jason and Mike stumble upon a plot to annihilate the power center of the United States, Washington, D.C. The threat, originating in Saudi Arabia, is being coordinated and executed by a small radical Islamic cell in the United States. Their intent is to accomplish this horrific event using a weapon of mass destruction. Follow the McClintock’s in their attempt to thwart the attack and take drastic measures to save the country. This action packed novel will be available soon.