The Shepherd’s Betrayal

The first book in the McClintock series introduces the McClintock brothers in a thrilling tale of international intrigue, Russian assassins, betrayal and a wild chase across the globe as the hunted become the hunters.

The Shepherd’s Betrayal

by William Congdon

The Shepherd's Betrayal

How could Jason McClintock (world renowned geologist) have known that a phone call to his brother, Mike, recently retired FBI, could cause such extraordinary life changing events?

Jason had been asked by Dan Nelson, a long-time friend, working for the CIA undercover, to assist in making the San Miguel gold mine in Uruguay operational. Jason would be working with a firm out of Brazil. After the first meeting, with the CEO, Jason asked many questions, which prompted a call to his brother, Mike. Jason asked Mike to use his resources and obtain background information on the CEO and her company, IMDEC. The call was recorded and the substance communicated to an office at CIA headquarters in Langley, VA.

Vladimir Petronovich was contacted by Andrew Richmond (code name Shepherd). He was given instructions to terminate Mike McClintock and, if need be, his family. The last thing Richmond wanted was FBI involvement in bringing light to his “rogue” operation. He had been selling highly classified documents to the Russians. Petronovich traveled to McClintock’s home in California, to complete the job.

The hunted become the hunters, as the chase for the Shepherd begins in the Santa Barbara wine country, across the Atlantic, to Zurich, Switzerland and ends in Montevideo, Uruguay, where it all began.

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William Congdon, Author

About the Author

William (Kip) Congdon and his wife, Mary, have two grown children.  They raised their family in the Santa Ynez Valley, north of Santa Barbara.  Kip’s business experience is in the financial arena, specifically, securities.  The Congdon’s enjoy traveling with family when possible and they take great pleasure in the relationship they have with their grandchildren.  When it’s time for a break, Kip enjoys fishing, some golf and naturally writing.  He’s currently working on the sequel to The Shepherd’s Betrayal.

Coming Soon: The Next Thrilling Book in the McClintock Brothers Series

by William Congdon

The McClintock brothers, Jason and Mike, stumble upon a plot to annihilate the power center of the United States, Washington, D.C.  The threat, originating in Saudi Arabia, is being coordinated and executed by a small, radical Islamic cell in the United States.  Their intent is to accomplish this horrific task using a large modified aircraft.  Unlike the horror of 911, this attack will utilize a weapon of mass destruction.

Follow the McClintock’s as they unravel the string of events that count down to this monstrous act of terror.  With time running out, Jason and Mike, in desperation, are forced to take drastic measures, to save the country.

The book will be available through Amazon and Kindle in late 2017.